Purses with Power

In the midst of her most difficult times we offer something beautiful.    

Why Choose Us?

Purses with Power serves women in difficult circumstances all over the US.  Our goal is to gift as many women/families that we can reach.  Through our gift baskets and boxes we send the message that someone is thinking of them during their most difficult times.  We want them to know that regardless of the situation they are still worthy and valuable.  Most importantly we want them to know that they are not alone.  When you donate to purses with power you are becoming a part of a solution that uplifts and empowers!  We are a 501C3 organization and your contribution is tax deductible.   We are all partially responsible for the wellness of our communities.  We are our sisters keepers.        

About Us

Her Story

Power Purse

Purses with power stuffs purses with bath products, lotions, good books, journals. bath bombs and other products that help to inspire and empower women.  We donate these power purses to women with hospitalized children, survivors of human trafficking, victims of domestic violence and women who are just in difficult circumstances.